Finally got the site back up--now running on a Raspberry Pi. Got rid of WordPress for good (replaced with a custom solution) and imported all the old posts.


A koi swims serenely in his pond at the Japanese Garden in Portland.

Horse Rings 1: Giraffe

The streets of Portland, Oregon are old enough that many of them existed during the horse and buggy days. Consequently, one can find small brass rings embedded in curbsides all around town. These rings were originally used to tether horses. These days, however, all manner of creatures can be found tied to them.

Be Mine

I forgot to post something for Valentine's Day... Well, better late than never!


Bitter cold, but worth it for the view.

Looking Up

The summit of Mt. Hood as viewed from the frozen center of Frog Lake.

Into the Distance

On the Obsidian Trail

Morning Light

Obsidian Falls