Last night I met a lovely young lady whose skin was so pale as to be translucent. We had a rather stimulating conversation about our respective collections of obsolete photographic equipment. It got me thinking: I don't know why I still have this stuff. Probably because spending a couple of hours trying to sell something that's only worth $15 is a losing proposition, but also because of the beauty and aesthetics of the objects themselves--not matched by the (mostly plastic) cameras of today. Will I ever shoot film again? I doubt it--at least not exclusively. If I had been shooting 35mm film this past year, I would have spent approximately $4,000 on film and processing, taken a hit on quality and low-light performance, and have had to deal with the hassle of scanning the selects, removing dust, etc. Sometimes, like today, I feel guilty for allowing these things to sit idle, collecting dust. The girl with the translucent skin keeps her beautiful machines in a box that she rarely, if ever, opens. I did the same for many years, and still regret having failed to captured so many beautiful moments because of it. I suppose the lesson is: it doesn't matter what kind of camera you use as long as you use it. If all you have is a digital camera, then use it to go out and find something beautiful. If you only have a film camera, then load a roll in that thing and go out and find something beautiful. For if you have the good fortune to discover, on your nocturnal adventures, a beautiful young lady whose skin fluoresces under the light of the moon, you'll regret having left your camera at home collecting dust.