The following pages are transcripts of the Dhamma Sukha TWIM YouTube channel, containing talks by Bhante Vimalaramsi, David Johnson, Delson Armstrong, and Liam McClintock

2010 DharmaSukha Meditation Center-8yNsuo8j9uE.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a conversation about meditation and the teachings of Buddha. The speaker, Bhante Vimalaramsi, discusses the importance of smiling during meditation and how it can improve mindfulness. He also talks about recognizing and letting go of suffering, and how craving can be recognized when it arises. The conversation touches on the idea that suffering is caused by desire, and that letting go of desire can lead to less suffering[1].

2010 Rancho Santa Margarita Talk 24-Mar-10-YelHNCFS154.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is from a talk given by Bhante Vimalaramsi. He discusses the importance of not letting others' negative words or actions affect one's own mind, and instead radiating loving-kindness towards them. He also emphasizes the benefits of smiling and having an uplifted mind, and explains the four right efforts to achieve this: noticing unwholesome states, letting go of them, bringing up wholesome states (such as smiling), and maintaining those wholesome states. Additionally, he suggests laughing at oneself when experiencing negative emotions as a way to detach from them and overcome craving[1].

2012 Cibodas Day 2 MN2 'Distractions' Dec 20, 2012-_rNOoR8iM1E.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a talk by Bhante Vimalaramsi about meditation and how to deal with distractions. He explains that any feeling or hindrance that pulls attention away from the object of meditation is a distraction, and that all distractions should be treated in the same way. The six Rs (release, relax, smile, return, repeat, and reapply) are used to allow distractions to be present without attention on them. The goal is not to make distractions go away but to improve mindfulness. Hindrances arise to help show where attachments are and will continue to come up until they are let go of. The talk emphasizes the importance of not trying to control or force things but instead allowing them to be[1].

2012 Cibodas Indonesia Day 3 MN 111, Dec 21, 2012-h-weme7CqqE.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a conversation about Bhante Vimalaramsi's insights on dependent origination and the five aggregates. He talks about how one can gain insight by observing the links of dependent origination, and how attachment to this observation can hinder progress. He also discusses the five aggregates and how they relate to mindfulness[1].

2012 Cibodas, Indonesia Day 4 MN10 Pt1 Dec 22, 2012 Satipatthana Sutta-uSAWmUdrrtw.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a discussion about the practice of Insight Meditation and the Satipatthana Sutta. The speaker, Bhante Vimalaramsi, argues that the popular practice of Vipassana does not work well because it lacks a clear definition of craving and how to let go of it. He emphasizes the importance of practicing the Six Rs, which involves relaxing the mind and letting go of craving in order to attain a pure mind. He also argues that attaining nirvana involves seeing the unsatisfactoriness of having a distracted mind and letting go of craving. The transcript provides insights into Bhante Vimalaramsi's views on meditation and his approach to achieving a pure mind[1].

2012 Indonesia Public Tak 4-Dec-12 Anggrek Dhamma-Krb7KWWydrA.en.vtt.txt.html The provided text appears to be a transcript of a talk given by Bhante Vimalaramsi, but it is difficult to determine the topic or purpose of the talk from the text alone. The transcript includes some discussion of Buddhism and how it relates to happiness, as well as some discussion of "right effort" and recognizing and letting go of unwholesome thoughts[1].

2013 Bojjanga Morning Precepts-lRWPtvFUbzo.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is of a video in which Bhante Vimalaramsi leads a group in taking the three refuges and eight precepts. The group repeats after him as he guides them through each step, including taking refuge in Nevada, Dharma, and Song Ha, and undertaking to keep precepts such as abstaining from killing or harming living beings on purpose, not taking what is not given, and being loving and kind to oneself and all beings. The transcript ends with an instruction to read the verses of the Dhammapada together[1].

2013 DSMC MN 111 Anupada Sutta -Description of the Jhanas -May 26, 2013 -Vimalaramsi-QNpJdG01shw.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a Dhamma talk given by Bhante Vimalaramsi on the Anupada Sutta, which describes the Jhanas. The talk discusses the five aggregates and four foundations of mindfulness, and how they relate to being in Jhana. It also talks about the hindrances and how they show where attachments lie, and how using the six R's can help weaken them. The talk also mentions different types of joy that arise during meditation, such as uplifting joy and all-pervading joy, as well as tranquility and ease in both body and mind[1].

2013 DSMC MN111 Snippet - Sound is just Sound-H7oaRLyqkSg.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is from a talk by Bhante Vimalaramsi, in which he discusses how to become secluded from sensual pleasures and unwholesome states. He emphasizes the importance of not getting distracted by sounds or other sensory experiences during meditation, and of maintaining mindfulness and concentration. He also discusses how to work with hindrances when they arise[1].

2013 Indonesia Bojjanga Day 8 Mn44 January 9, 2013-p3aYhPCeCPM.en.vtt.txt.html The provided text is a transcript of a talk given by Bhante Vimalaramsi, in which he discusses the concept of identity and the importance of gaining a harmonious perspective. He explains that identity is made up of five aggregates affected by craving and clinging, and that letting go of craving leads to the cessation of identity. He also emphasizes the importance of seeing things as they truly are, without identifying with them or taking them personally, in order to gain a harmonious perspective. This involves recognizing everything as part of a process called dependent origination[1].

2014 Mn95 Canki Sutta -How we learn-LbkTHvRFbFM.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a conversation between Bhante Vimalaramsi and his audience at the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center. He reads from the Majima Nakiya number 95, which tells the story of Brahman Chunky and his encounter with the Buddha. The Brahmin householders of Oppa Sada set forth to see the Buddha, but Chunky is advised not to go see him because he is well-born, rich, virtuous, and respected by many. Instead, it is proper for the Buddha to come see him.

2015 Day 4 Easter Retreat 2 'Perceptions' MN18 - Bhante Vimalaramasi-I1hNpff_JaA.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is of a talk given by Bhante Vimalaramsi, discussing the Honey Ball Sutta and the links of dependent origination. The Sutta describes how the Buddha asserted and proclaimed his teachings in such a way that he did not quarrel with anyone in the world, and how perceptions no longer underlie those who abide detached from sensual pleasures. The monks listening to the talk asked for a detailed explanation of the meaning, but the Buddha had already left after giving a summary. The monks then went to Venerable Mahakachana to ask him to expound on the meaning[1].

2015 Day 5 Easter Retreat 2 'Dependent Origination' MN 38 - Bhante Vimalaramsi-5ab4EPLAtu8.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a discussion by Bhante Vimalaramsi on the topic of dependent origination, using the Maha Tanha Sanchaya Sutta as an example. The talk focuses on the idea that consciousness is dependently arisen and not a permanent self that runs through rebirths. The talk also includes a story about a monk named Sati who held a pernicious view about consciousness, which was corrected by the Buddha[1].

2015 Day 6 Easter Retreat 2 '1.Dependent Origination 2.Compassion' w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi-g4TBdHxJ-2M.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is from a talk by Bhante Vimalaramsi on the topic of dependent origination, which explains how the Buddha came up with the links of dependent origination. The speaker goes through each link and explains how they work, starting with aging and death and ending with ignorance as its condition. The speaker emphasizes that the Buddha had to practice using the six R's before he could see and realize exactly how it happened. The talk shows that the Buddha did not become awakened right away but had to practice it before he could see it[1].

2015 Day 8 Easter Retreat 2 MN 43 'Deep Dhamma' with Bhante Vimalaramsi-xRzyi3guTiY.en.vtt.txt.html The transcript is a discussion by Bhante Vimalaramsi on the links of dependent origination and the four noble truths. He explains that one who is unwise does not understand these links, while one who is wise does. Consciousness and wisdom are conjoined states that cannot be separated, but wisdom is to be developed while consciousness is to be fully understood. The discussion also touches on the meaning of cognize and feeling[1].

2015 Easter2 Morning Precepts And Refuges-iJpX1QujcPc.en.vtt.txt.html 2015 Forgiveness Instructions by Bhante Vimalaramsi-1BWxfYO2iCI.en.vtt.txt.html 2015 Forgiveness -Short Discussion May 2015-YMmUHHoVk5A.en.vtt.txt.html 2015 -Journey of Forgiveness - Talk-EQLg-kHxwCA.en.vtt.txt.html 2015 Mn21 Simile Of The Saw With Forgiveness-NVtSZ1136v0.en.vtt.txt.html 2015 Mn46 Greater Discourse on Ways of Undertaking Things-4HBP54zcHo8.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 - 3 Refuges, 8 Precepts and Dhammapada Verses-lXaHE0b2KSU.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Bhante Saccananda Mn 135-qJA3j23rHSI.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Bhante Saccananda Mn 48 Kosambyia-XNpF1MkV7Kw.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Bhante Vimalaramsi Journey to TWIM and the Missing Step to Meditation-J7qxTR4sXu4.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Dhamma Discussion Bhante V and Punnaji Part 1-dsDq57SH7q4.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Dhamma Discussion Bhante V and Punnaji Part 1-Op8xpTDyxME.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Dhamma Discussion Bhante V and Punnaji Part 2-pNjFIqnkXS8.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Dhamma Discussion Bhante V and Punnaji Part 2-sycLGKeeFZk.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Easter Retreat #3 Day 9 - MN 21 'Simile of the Saw' with Bhante Vimalaramsi-MRZxjEPqq38.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 - Metta_Loving-kindness Takes You far Deeper- SN 46_54-FLMN0GAEAD4.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 MN-137 The Exposition of the 6 Fold Base-9yYudlgK21E.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 Mn143 Advice to Anathapindika-RIxVomqySNw.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 MN 95 Canki Sutta-PunjeXdITN8.en.vtt.txt.html 2016 - Refuges and 6 Precepts Given-aaCQZ4c0g-Y.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Bhante Discovers the Tranquilize_Relax Step - the key to eliminating Craving-qdgNmCn3xgY.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Bojjhanga-1 Retreat Hari 9 MN-48-5HQdWnoNqBQ.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Cula Vedalla Sutta Mn44-5Zq5prjYxIg.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Easter Retreat Day 1 Instructions and Orientation-jt4jMazdOGg.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Easter Retreat Day 2 Man From Atthankanagara Sutta-IuiHG6XFU_Q.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Easter Retreat Day 3 Anupada Sutta- The Jhanas and Nibbana-vffbAULl2aA.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Easter Retreat Day 4 MN10 Satipatthana Sutta-Z3B_NUKgA_k.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 MN 105 Sunakkhatta Sutta-HJ1s3FqSqoY.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 MN 13 Mahadukkhakkhandha Sutta-FNsq_VPh0c8.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Mn140 _ 62 Exposition of the Elements and advice to Rahula-ftg3Tmnlh1k.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 MN 146 Nandakovada Sutta - Advice from Nandaka-aZpvaH3ou4U.en.vtt.txt.html 2017 Mn 43 Mahavedalla Sutta-dk6P3mMNnEY.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 1 Orientation & Instructions-sq7PwgJXIuk.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 2 Removal of Hindrances MN128-HhLCNVMsNtU.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 3 - Exposition of the Elements MN 140-SkqaUnZzuPg.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 4 The Progress through the Jhanas MN 111-icVNwFB--SE.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 5 - Honeyball Sutta 18-5IwBkzgz_rQ.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 6 Dependent Origination-EHbDjTXh_ds.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat#5 Day 7 Mn148 April2 2018 1-6tHFM9qo48k.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat #5 Day 9 To Saccaka MN 35 April 4, 2018-1-nzaj7dNbY.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat No. 5 - Day 7 Reading - MN 148 Six Sets of Six, April 2, 2018-t93jNBPtBX0.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Easter Retreat No. 5 Orientation and Instructions Mar 27, 2018-UYoUV8i_1EY.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Majhima Nikaya 138 Uddesa-Vibhanga Sutta --HWZgmF52fdA.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Majjhima Nikaya No. 115 Bahudhatuka Sutta - Many Kinds of Elements-YqAkWXNlaUE.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Mn 115 Many Kinds of Elements-G6WNSefzcoU.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 Mn 138 Uddesa-Vibhanga Sutta - The Exposition of a Summary-6ZP3PDVvjzg.en.vtt.txt.html 2018 The Shorter Discourse of the Heartwood MN 30-8MuapP7P9OY.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Day 1 UK Retreat Orientation-_M6gYOZgtDs.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Day 2 MN 138 UK Retreat-sfqIaLlLesI.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Day 3 MN 111 UK Retreat-RoQygUTm6vE.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 DSMC MN 128_140_62 DhatuVibangha Sutta-udota_i776Q.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 1 Orientation and Talk-63G6axb9DJ8.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 2 MN 138 Exposition of a Summary-rA2GU7oUD60.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 4 MN 140_62 Exposition of the Elements-BUYyzWLSTuk.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 5 MN 38 Dependent Origination-KlFA3xQRzDk.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 7 MN 26 The Noble Search-8p1K-uXcFIA.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 8 MN 35 'Shorter Discourse to Saccaka'-EkFbf4Aq3QA.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Easter Retreat Day 9 MN 43 Greater Series of Questions and Answer-e5ZLEyEiDjI.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 MN 33 Greater Discourse to Cowherd-i4mQNGIDDXE.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta with Bhante Vimalaraṁsi (MN 10) Foundations of Mindfulness-V2Kbd9zschM.en.vtt.txt.html 2019 UK Retreat Day 8 MN43 Greater Questions and Answers-CTAbFunXk-Y.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Mn128 'First Day Blues' - Talk on 2nd Day of Retreat-996afHNbbG0.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Samyutta Nikaya -Dependent Origination-lzcch--l4gk.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 13 Greater Discourse on the Mass of Suffering-nqnx7b-eLNs.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 140 Exposition of the Elements - Dhatuvibangha Sutta-yxl_PYftweE.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom MN 142 'The Exposition of the Offerings' - Dakkhinavibhanga Sutta-r6Ju_XEQees.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 14 Shorter Discourse on the Mass of Suffering-K6-lpiMwx9E.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom MN 29 Mahasaropama Sutta - The Greater Discourse on the Simile of the Heartwood-QLOHwPk_Hlc.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 51 'To Kandaraka' Sutta-uqvVIZp3mRI.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 52 Atthakanagara Sutta-CdU8m26KnTA.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom Mn 59 Many Kinds of Feeling (Bahuvedaniya Sutta)-i-wuZSzSdMw.en.vtt.txt.html 2020 Zoom MN 66 Simile of the Quail-ZusCeAHZ-CE.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 10 Satipatthana Sutta -4 Foundations of Mindfulness-LEW43-hFGhc.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 135 Shorter Exposition of Action - CulaKammaVibhanga Sutta-wLXJVRxS5qY.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 143 Anathapindikovadda Sutta-B5HKwjWW_ok.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 152 Indriyabhavana Sutta -Development of the Faculties-MuauM8p62zI.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 43 Greater Discourse on Q&A - Mahavedalla Sutta-q39VyHG5l0M.en.vtt.txt.html 2021 Zoom MN 44 Shorter Discourse on Q&A - Cullavedalla Sutta-22Rz_1LS9dg.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Aug Retreat MN 18 Honeyball -Proliferation-nJ_T_Rb4r-8.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Aug Retreat Sn 12.23 Upanisa 8-12-22-GeE55qlroio.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day 10 MN 61 The Last Day Talk with Drew Litchy-CHu6TCOPzbM.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day 1 Sept 22 Intro Instructions With Drew Litchy-GCgQvna10TE.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day2 Sept Retreat Mn 152 With Drew Litchy -Distractions-EMbMHtDDw9o.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day3 Sept Retreat Mn 111 -Talk on the Jhanas - Drew Litchy-T1-p0jaozhs.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day5 Sept Retreat Mn 117 -8 Fold Path - Drew Litchy-4IEQT_aNj9E.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day7 Sept Retreat Mn 9 -Right View and Dependent Origination- Drew Litchy-Krr5e_sQOQk.en.vtt.txt.html 2022 Day 9 MN 140 Exposition of the Elements with Drew Litchy-frnNzCQ8OuE.en.vtt.txt.html 31 Realms -Buddhist Cosmology Explained by Delson Armstrong-WbOv8zPYa8E.en.vtt.txt.html 462 MN53 July 07 Sekha Sutta-M4DEA2lmOhk.en.vtt.txt.html 602 MN 95 07 23 08 WMV Better-IKOXIrrlQ4Y.en.vtt.txt.html 603 MN44 07 22 08 Culadalla Sutta-Mo9JMHx8Hwc.en.vtt.txt.html 705 1 1st Morning Talk 12 1 09 Anaheim-iI_stDfcOss.en.vtt.txt.html 713 BV Bellevue Bahai Center 3 26 09-NSsdHtLSQGI.en.vtt.txt.html 750 2 MN46 12 2 09 Anaheim-adOlYsVfYDI.en.vtt.txt.html 754 Childrens Talk 12 6 09 Anaheim-hYG1OTMFTqM.en.vtt.txt.html all-video-ids.txt.html A 'Mind without Craving' and a LIVE Meditation Experiment -Conversations with Delson Armstrong-27o4FH39A0E.en.vtt.txt.html Anaheim MN 111 28-Mar-10-PyS55Bvk3po.en.vtt.txt.html A New Look at Mindfulness and Vipassana-y_J1pwQGTo4.en.vtt.txt.html Audio Book- Beginners Guide to Lovingkindness with the 6Rs-yOjd06FWG_Q.en.vtt.txt.html Audio Book - ‘Guide to Forgiveness Meditation (1 hr )-pElN6DFWbKI.en.vtt.txt.html Audio Book - ‘The Path to Nibbana - A Complete Guide to TWIM Meditation’ (6 hrs. )-jlLJEmmoQME.en.vtt.txt.html AYAM Full Interview with Leo Rastogi and Bhante Vimalaramsi-Ea3jlgxn4sE.en.vtt.txt.html AYAM Interview Pt 1 with Leo Rastogi and Bhante Vimalaramsi-tWtVyt3-_so.en.vtt.txt.html AYAM Interview Pt 2 with Leo Rastogi and Bhante Vimalaramsi-WMM5ffcZAms.en.vtt.txt.html Before you take the Bodhisattva Vow - Consider this!-_3L_rJB_CFc.en.vtt.txt.html Beginning TWIM Metta Instructions-JCiVBvptZyk.en.vtt.txt.html Bhante Vimalaramsi at Golden Gate Park -Talks with Iraq and Vietnam Veterans-duqjUVBsEIw.en.vtt.txt.html Bhante Vimalaramsi at the Huna Convention-0cr0T4jCtF8.en.vtt.txt.html Bhante Vimalaramsi Background and how he Re-discovered the Path-hLf2hIT4hms.en.vtt.txt.html Bhante Vimalaramsi Reads the Six Sets of Six - the Chachakka Sutta MN 148-JOZyDy060GY.en.vtt.txt.html Bhante Vimalaramsi -The 6r's -5th World Buddhist Summit Japan-oeJ2LaFaDCY.en.vtt.txt.html Bodhisattva View - Commentary on this Idea from Bhante Vimalaramsi-0ZxvMGddSoo.en.vtt.txt.html Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 14 to End - Audio 3 of 3-K6Nc8qIEXN4.en.vtt.txt.html Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 1 to 4 - Audio 1 of 3-FtB1QN0Gp1I.en.vtt.txt.html Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 5 to 13-bSVt-O7tF4Y.en.vtt.txt.html Breathing Meditation -New Perspective on the Satipatthana Sutta - Part 2-qJ0WUgmTndc.en.vtt.txt.html Breathing Meditation - New Perspective - Sattipathana Sutta - Part1-lY77In3ZYGI.en.vtt.txt.html Brief Beginning Lovingkindness Meditation Instructions -The Way to Awakening-zvzWSiYbDBg.en.vtt.txt.html Brief Loving-kindness _ Metta Instructions-2q7TarHwBh4.en.vtt.txt.html Buddhist Meditation Masters Clip-LnvdkbSjtXw.en.vtt.txt.html BV-Interview-2 Wrong Mindfulness - Craving Two Types of Jhana Concentration vs Aware Jhana-yoNYNAkaZN0.en.vtt.txt.html BV-Interview-3 Q&A Why Meditate, Power of Precepts, why TWIM Works-MA6xiY4n3mE.en.vtt.txt.html Chicago Public Talk-What did the Buddha Teach Dhamma Talk with Venerable Vimalaramsi-mucyvnnb73w.en.vtt.txt.html CHINESE SUBTITLES - 逐步经 MN111 关于禅那以及涅槃之路的_极佳_开示 Anupada Sutta MN 111 _Excellent_ Talk on Jhanas-cY2qi3ZNflw.en.vtt.txt.html Commentaries Vs. the Suttas - Which is Right Bhante Vimalaramsi -- Indonesian Temple.-_LTORe5JxkU.en.vtt.txt.html CYM 07 Metta in Daily Life - Last day of the Retreat - Bhante Vimalaramsi -New York-TEMgE642tUY.en.vtt.txt.html CYM 07 MN 117 The Great Forty -The Noble 8 Fold Path -Bhante Vimalaramsi Day 5 New York-1_QgUVHXlyY.en.vtt.txt.html CYM 07 MN 148 The Six Sets of Six -Bhante Vimalaramsi in New York Day 4-J5VAYrByPcs.en.vtt.txt.html Davis, CA 1st Day - Precepts and Instructions -Metta (Spanish Subtitles Avail)-HVixYumBEzc.en.vtt.txt.html Day 10 2022 DN 31 Advice to Lay People - -How to live! -with Delson Armstrong-j3MY8-4pbsc.en.vtt.txt.html Day 10 2022 MN 143 Anathapindikavado Sutta -July Retreat - -with Delson Armstrong-ZujiPEJKwSo.en.vtt.txt.html Day 10 DN 31 Advice to Lay People - Aug Retreat -Delson Armstrong-7uS0li2M-dI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 10 June Retreat - Metta Sutta - Karaniya Sutta SN 1.8-bvVCQMZX9E0.en.vtt.txt.html Day 1 2022 April Retreat 26 May5 - Orientation _ Instructions-fplBU8rvPbo.en.vtt.txt.html Day 1 -2022 First July 10 Day Retreat - with Delson Armstrong-Instructions-m_UXqTNhkZI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 1 -2022 June 10 Day Retreat with Delson Armstrong-Instructions-aoGHdkDfuak.en.vtt.txt.html Day 1 SL Retreat Metta Meditation Instructions දිනය 1 සමාරම්භක දෙසුම සහ මූලික උපදෙස් 14 පෙබ 2015k--n_aU35iHEo.en.vtt.txt.html Day 1 Sri Lanka Retreat- Metta Instructions - දිනය 1 සමාරම්භක දෙසුම සහ මූලික උපදෙස් 14 පෙබ 2015-9XfXb49S2tQ.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 -2022 June 10 Day Retreat with Delson Armstrong-Instructions-M2g4ISb2O3Y.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 2022 SN 12.23 'Transcendental' Dependent Origination -with Delson Armstrong-GX81RbnACZs.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 Apr Retreat -MN 39 Hindrances and Distractions-jm3Fse3TRhI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 How to meditate in daily life and handle distractions - MN 107 - Ven. Karuna-OQ5w5rsbqDI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 May Retreat MN 107 Ganaka Moggalana Sutta with Delson Armstrong -Distractions-KMv7KxAs_gs.en.vtt.txt.html Day 2 Sri Lanka Retreat Mn2 Hindrances දිනය 2 ම නි සබ්බාසව සූත්‍රය 14 පෙබ 2015-HfrKEfqQ27k.en.vtt.txt.html Day 3 Apr Retreat-MN 111 One by One - the Jhanas lead to Nibbana-SOFEZJ2Hlng.en.vtt.txt.html Day 3 May Retreat SN 46.54.4 'Accompanied by Lovingkindness' with Delson Armstrong-XiFlm_mryME.en.vtt.txt.html Day 4 -2022 10 Day June Retreat - MN 131 'A Single Excellent Night'-AXfHXKAqGFg.en.vtt.txt.html Day 4 2022 MN 10 Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta -July Retreat - -with Delson Armstrong-V2WpSdC37R0.en.vtt.txt.html Day 4 2022 MN 139 Exposition of Non-Conflict - What is Beneficial-FWJrAuTAltk.en.vtt.txt.html Day 4 Apr Retreat -DN15 Pt 1 Dependent Origination-eoO8mvJDn1Y.en.vtt.txt.html Day 4 May Retreat DN 14 Dependent Origination Pt. 1 with Delson Armstrong-74mZ6F0EQXM.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 -2022 10 Day June Retreat - MN 38 Dependent Origination -Intro-K5eFVj-_aL8.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 2022 July#2 Retreat SN 33 7-25-22 - The 44 Knowledges-G6xpAWcivRI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 2022 MN 18 Honey Ball Sutta - Proliferation-with Delson Armstrong-LvkDipkCvZ4.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 2022 SN 12.2 DO Analysis -July 4th -with Delson Armstrong-MXBpHOUph7I.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 Apr Retreat-Dn15 -Part 2 -Dependent Origination - Stations of Consciousness-S7tlQBAwEdM.en.vtt.txt.html Day 5 May Retreat SN 12.2 (2) Pt.2 Analysis of Dependent Origination with Delson Armstrong-JPuyvPUSEw8.en.vtt.txt.html Day 6 -2022 10 Day June Retreat - SN 12.32 Pt.2 Dependent Origination-cqMdli23JFg.en.vtt.txt.html Day 6 2022 MN 52 -with Bhante Saccananda- July Retreat-BkBlrSdoGgk.en.vtt.txt.html Day 6 Apr Retreat DN 22 (5)- The Foundations of Mindfulness - 4 Noble Truths - D. Armstrong-262tLS6LZVk.en.vtt.txt.html Day 6 May Retreat Talk AN6.63 & SN 36.21 Penetrative Discourse with Delson Armstrong-nRktZym_dvY.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 -2022 10 Day June Retreat - SN 12.25 Karma and Dependent Origination-SyH2PkGE0Og.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 2022 July#2 Retreat Mn 109 7-27-22 - The 5 Aggregates-6ZKYsq2R1wQ.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 2022 MN 74 Dighanakha Sutta -July Retreat - -with Delson Armstrong-_W0wEcQpoRg.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 May Retreat Talk MN149 _MN77 Sutta with Delson Armstrong-ZAyrVZRjKUI.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 SN35.95 In the Seen is only the seen... Aug Retreat 2022 -Delson Armstrong-WuCRntyFTRY.en.vtt.txt.html Day 7 - Talk on Nibbana, Cessation, Nirodha- MN121, SN 41.6&7 with Delson Armstrong-kAmivhH7XZs.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8- 10 Day Retreat June 2022 MN 43 Voidness and Vital Formations-WlMSV-rZxDw.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8 2022 MN 44 Cullavedalla Sutta -July Retreat - -with Delson Armstrong-pI4ENm8nYT8.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8 2022 MN 7 The 16 types of Defilements -with Delson Armstrong-VJL0ESaUrjU.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8 Apr Retreat - Mulapariyaya Sutta MN 1- The Root of All Things with D. Armstrong-Zxo5I8vv2aA.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8 May Retreat MN 22 'The Simile of the Snake' with Delson Armstrong-JfniW06uEgY.en.vtt.txt.html Day 8 MN 112 The Six Fold Purity -What is an Arahant -Delson Armstrong-BurM5_HxIh8.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9 2022 AN 10.3 -Transcendental Dependent Origination -with Delson Armstrong-kc_NiY_-oq4.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9 2022 MN 77 37 Requisites -July Retreat - -with Delson Armstrong-0P65kbILQYw.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9 May 4 Upanisa Sutta -Transcendental Arising-Fd12XM4_oaA.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9 May Retreat AN 10.2 'After the Retreat' with Delson Armstrong--mljTPKMr2g.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9 Power of Generosity MN 142 Aug Retreat 2022 David Johnson-EJ7n2Wnb2Ts.en.vtt.txt.html Day 9- Retreat June 2022 MN 117 Eight Fold Path with Delson Armstrong-iD9Rsfw5fUM.en.vtt.txt.html Dependent Origination Explained - A Key Buddhist Teaching-2Pp4EgK7fa8.en.vtt.txt.html Dependent Origination-How not to teach it-kHkAgOLJJAc.en.vtt.txt.html Dipa Ma Visit to SF with Joseph Goldstein 1980-3LKrKWI7b54.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 07 MN 53 Disciple in Higher Training with Bhante Vimalaramsi-ux5ueb3SR8Y.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 07 MN 9 Right View with Bhante Vimalaramsi-d74-D-3M3-g.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 07 MN 9 Right View with Bhante Vimalaramsi-IYnXabugl9c.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 08 MN 29 The Greater Discourse on the Simile of the Heartwood-alnI175u5HA.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 08 MN 43 Greater Series of Questions and Answers Sutta -Bhante Vimalaramsi-vTW6SnL-MDM.en.vtt.txt.html DSMC 2008 SN 35_28 The Fire Sermon w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi-V3ub1v6qz88.en.vtt.txt.html Easter Retreat No.5 - Day 5 MN 18 Honeyball - Mar 31, 2018-zGfsAnTeewk.en.vtt.txt.html Ekaggatā defined - The Buddha did not define One-Pointed like this!-qv48zvvjEhs.en.vtt.txt.html El Camino a Nibbāna - Una guía completa de meditación-n81REo2-Tgg.en.vtt.txt.html Evening Chanting with Bhante Kusala-V-086-Vn2yM.en.vtt.txt.html Evening Chanting with Bhante Kusala - word by word-EXQnfuhA6x8.en.vtt.txt.html Everything you want to know about monks...but were too nervous to ask!-qYmhjKVe_v8.en.vtt.txt.html FAQ for TWIM Meditators -Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation-eRom9ohOfmU.en.vtt.txt.html Fifth World Buddhist Summit Conference Kobe Japan Nov 2008-Lud6iEhoRqs.en.vtt.txt.html Forgiveness Instructions 2.0 by Bhante Vimalaramsi -Updated-bePv-F-c23I.en.vtt.txt.html Forgiveness Meditation Instructions-A07aCGQMKZg.en.vtt.txt.html Forgiveness Meditation Talk - May 2012 - Audio Talk-xXkKZKcIkts.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Beginner Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation - 30 Min (How do I Meditate) - full instructions-IdVpd-Ya7Dk.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Forgiveness Meditation with Instructions-nz0a5xheh7M.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Loving-Kindness Lovingkindness (Metta) Meditation - 30 Minutes-No Ending Bell-7zQGBGTGb5Y.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Loving Kindness_Metta Meditation 30 Min-vRuWNMcLn3E.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Meditation for Observing the Jhānas & Factors-ZHQ-kIuznjA.en.vtt.txt.html Guided Metta Meditation -From Self to All Beings in All World Systems!-fbnkcldPhc0.en.vtt.txt.html Hungry Ghosts and Heavenly Mansions with Delson on Halloween-RCMPy_4qHLY.en.vtt.txt.html Important Role of Women in Buddhism and Monks Rules -From MN-44-eWteUSs-8m4.en.vtt.txt.html index.html Instructions for Metta Meditation and the 6Rs by Bhante Vimalaramsi-egFZO2e799w.en.vtt.txt.html Instructions for Metta or Lovingkindness Meditation and the 6Rs by Bhante Vimalaramsi-8u1JtRBJzqg.en.vtt.txt.html Interview-1 - Bhante Vimalaramsi -Personal Journey - New definition of Mindfulness Nibbana-1B-MpSSrW1Y.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#1 - Dhamma Conversations with Delson Armstrong-Introduction & Jhanas-Zli_OjNUFG0.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#2 - Upcoming Research with Delson -What will Jhana or Cessation look like-_dwEuP85kTU.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#3 - 31 Planes of Existence - the Agony and the Ecstasy -Conversations with Delson-MjrO6xC0XX0.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#4 - Mindfulness Re-defined and the Jhanas Re-defined - Conversations with Delson--LkofFjPBBY.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#5 - Does Metta_Lovingkindness practice lead to Nibbana. What is Enlightenment-euKMtYCmJBQ.en.vtt.txt.html Interview#6 - Dependent Origination, Nibbana, Relax Step & 6Rs with Delson Armstrong-9RN9x453DcU.en.vtt.txt.html Interview - Bhante Vimalaramsi -His Personal Journey - What is Mindfulness What are Jhanas How do-8JspTrkX3IA.en.vtt.txt.html Intro BOJ2 14-Dec-15 Hari 1-wnJzJOZdJiQ.en.vtt.txt.html Introduction to Bhante Vimalaramsi and DhammaSukha Meditation Center-W1g52eTDCfI.en.vtt.txt.html Introduction to Dhamma Sukha 2012 updated-i2UYLtBJmsc.en.vtt.txt.html Introduction to Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center -2007 Archived-ZW2dZKstx34.en.vtt.txt.html Introduction to the TWIM Metta Online Retreat Program-U4vbsjAA7Us.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 MN 10 PT1 The Satipatthana Sutta-13sNUjL5nko.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 MN 111 'One by One as they occurred' Bhante Vimalaramsi-B5--c66mBxc.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 MN 38 The Greater Discourse on the Destruction of Craving-N-CjshxkWIc.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 MN 70 At Kīṭāgiri - Kīṭāgiri Sutta The Stages of Enlightenment-O1h1G5d7aKU.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 MN 9, 43 Right Perspective-je_57lGVtcY.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 Retreat MN 44 Questions and Answers-BNeSzhj76QE.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 3 SN 46_54 'Will Metta lead you to Liberation The Enlightenment Factors'-H3XOmzo3rFc.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 2009 MN 20 Removal of Hindrances - Bhante Vimalaramsi-LLFs2oN3ugQ.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 2009 Orientation and Beginning Instructions-brlE7tIQOuM.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 2009 Retreat MN 10 Part2 -foundations of Mindfulnes-4i_vzQCIygE.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 2009 Retreat MN 38 'Dependent Origination'-OVk7fq9Drtg.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 2009 Retreat MN 95 Canki Sutta-853ZQGXzXNk.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 4 Retreat 2009 Day 8 MN 135 Karma-FT_td0kswlQ.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 11 MN 44 16-Mar-10-kGHfPMOEAk8.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 12 MN 121 17-Mar-10-IPl8K7rf7JE.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 13 MN 95 18-Mar-10-63u3_QhMoOs.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 14 MN 021, MN 152 19-Mar-10-SLJ7YKSY_b0.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 6 MN 148 Sister Khema 11-Mar-10-L3BK49eydNs.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 8 MN 53 The Disciple in Higher Training - Sekha Sutta-lg8hA2sN8QU.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 5 Day 9 MN 106 The Way to the Imperturbable - Āneñjasappāya Sutta-PmN1WdcHWWs.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 10 MN 043 14-Mar-11-c-p7NLN_lc8.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 11 MN 18 15-Mar-11-noNqbuMS1ww.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 13 MN 077 17-Mar-11-3mp-Qiv3-tw.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 14 MN 106 18-Mar-11-viBEBzlrasU.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 1 Orientation 5-Mar-11-N0mEwdpEsuk.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 2 MN 020 6-Mar-11-GfWP3NWnkh0.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 4 MN 059 8-Mar-11-1qJ1j_Zy618.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 5 MN 038 9-Mar-11-eckL93HIeqk.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 6 Day 9 MN 053 13-Mar-11-uycF_2BJL9A.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 2 Hindrances 17-Mar-12-ARnddmnek_E.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 3 MN 111 18-Mar-12-umMw8BjjBKc.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 4 MN 38 19-Mar-12-XxIq3slKmQ0.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 5 MN 148 20-Mar-12 Sister Khema Reads-BqWkpyygcZw.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 6 MN 128 Upakkilesa Sutta - Imperfections-5eiSg4m1bfU.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 8 MN 152 23-Mar-12-ZP_fNEKUhCY.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 7 Day 9 Metta in Daily Life 24-Mar-12-nQ47GA-4BMI.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree 8 Retreat MN21 Simile of the Saw - Last Day Instructions-2uPWuhcdxHE.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree No. 8 Orientation March 15, 2013 Bhante Vimalaramsi-WuP1tUZYPaY.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 3 MN 148 The Six Sets of Six-39EYKO3fPQg.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 3 MN 59 'Many Kinds of Feeling'-SCcjgAcsRc8.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 8 MN121 'Voidness' w_Bhante Vimalaramsi -March 22, 2013-nsNJhpUDA8A.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 8 MN2 'Distractions' w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi March 16, 2013-CtKS4sQULFc.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 8 MN38 'Dependent Origination' w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi March 19, 2013-IfI7IdztldQ.en.vtt.txt.html Joshua Tree Retreat 8 - Sister Khema reads 6 sets of 6 - MN 148 -March 20, 2013-QcUWNNBKBPI.en.vtt.txt.html JT1 MN 20 Bhante Vimalaramsi 19-Feb-06-VVa8HhO9HcA.en.vtt.txt.html JT3 MN 44 with Bhante Vimalaramsi 11-Mar-08-tfC-tBFdwq0.en.vtt.txt.html JT 6 Loving Kindness Meditation Instructions - Orientation 2011-BncD2pinvTo.en.vtt.txt.html Karma and Cancer - w_Bhante Vimalaramsi-CgBx91_8JUs.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 10 MN 113 12-Nov-12-dp70Bk0n2NM.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 1 Orientation 3-Nov-12-GQMBoinSJQ0.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 2 MN 20 4-Nov-12-rLXrg4_RSE8.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 3 MN 111 5-Nov-12-9j_0aAZxVfE.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 7 MN 43 9-Nov-12-Dz03V6qQsG8.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 1 Day 9 MN 21 11-Nov-12-eRqgO0dBvOE.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 10 MN 113 27-Nov-12-GXHrznhh9UE.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day1 Orientation 18-Nov-12-P5RKxbuV-Kw.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 2 MN 20 19-Nov-12-aXEb_Qm9G7o.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 3 MN 59 20-Nov-12-WIovd-z1oCY.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 4 MN 10 Part 1 21-Nov-12-zDRPSy80ymc.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 5 MN 10 Part 2 22-Nov-12-Pq86qx8hkMc.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 6 MN 38 23-Nov-12-GxbcxnWVFpU.en.vtt.txt.html Korea 2 Day 8 MN 44 25-Nov-12-wpJbh5SpENo.en.vtt.txt.html Korea Joong-ang Sangha University w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi-yNZGI_aouXo.en.vtt.txt.html Kundalini Revelations with Delson Armstrong -Master Yogi-xWky6__FhL0.en.vtt.txt.html Levels of Meditation - Progress to Nibbana w_ Bhante Vimalaramsi-eoluPqyISpY.en.vtt.txt.html Lovingkindness Instructions-KsvdJ4LFIF8.en.vtt.txt.html Mahavagga #1 The Great Division -Talk By Bhante Vimalaramsi-WHsls9dP1l8.en.vtt.txt.html Méditation Guidée d'Amour Bienveillant Avec Trame Sonore (Metta Meditation-French)-ucE8M6W-EmU.en.vtt.txt.html Meditation Instructions for Metta -Joshua Tree 7 Day 1 Orientation 16-Mar-12-t2Cr6YENlfU.en.vtt.txt.html Meditation Instructions -Joshua Tree Retreat 2-vGPBSkL3ofQ.en.vtt.txt.html Message to the World Buddhist Conference of 2010-ST3TBqMQvw8.en.vtt.txt.html Metta Instructions-GQnyTr_BlS8.en.vtt.txt.html Metta Instructions with Bhante Vimalaramsi-ifMKRRzlY6A.en.vtt.txt.html Metta is faster than Breath Meditation-8NrY4mwfWiE.en.vtt.txt.html Metta-Lovingkindness-Meditation Talk-Ixmba3jAEEk.en.vtt.txt.html Metta Meditation Instructions at the UUC San Diego-wAXO_nf8SDQ.en.vtt.txt.html MN 059 The Many Kinds of Feeling with Bhante Vimalaramsi 16-Jun-12-yAB28oYRBHQ.en.vtt.txt.html MN 063 DEC05--8blr0dosK0.en.vtt.txt.html MN 106 DSMC 31-Jul-13 The Way to the Imperturbable - Anenjasappaya Sutta-HlNmj8YVGZ0.en.vtt.txt.html MN 10 Satipatthana Sutta - Four Foundations of Mindfulness-gUTJAn1XPXk.en.vtt.txt.html MN 113 DSMC 19-Jul-13 The True Man - Sappurisa Sutta-YrS0ZtQw8Qc.en.vtt.txt.html MN 118 Mindfulness of Breathing - Ānāpānasati Sutta (Anapanasati Sutta)-UIGZcoKeeWI.en.vtt.txt.html MN 135 DSMC 30-Jul-13 The Shorter Exposition of Action - Culakammavibhanga Sutta-gT7dO1XGvsQ.en.vtt.txt.html MN 135 DSMC 3-Jun-13 The Shorter Exposition of Action - Culakammavibhanga Sutta-7-WsxHKUhPU.en.vtt.txt.html MN 140 DSMC 1-Aug-13 The Exposition of the Elements - Dhatuvibhanga Sutta-_Jc12P2Sh0w.en.vtt.txt.html MN 142 Exposition of Offerings (About Merit) July 9, 2014-NmeUyIpY77o.en.vtt.txt.html MN 148 The Six Sets of Six - Chachakka Sutta - Easter Retreat 1 - Day 6 - 21-Apr-14-xiCtt3VLy9E.en.vtt.txt.html MN 19 DSMC 7-Jul-13 Two Kinds of Thought - Dvedhavitakka Sutta-7lUefVv2p6s.en.vtt.txt.html MN 21 The Simile of the Saw - Kakacūpama Sutta - Easter Retreat 1 - Day 9 25-Apr-14-THyhazOcAkY.en.vtt.txt.html MN 38 The Greater Discourse on the Destruction of Craving - ER1 Day 5 20-Apr 20, 2014-i37cB5yeYlk.en.vtt.txt.html MN 43 19-Jul-12 DSMC-BE5h1LputXA.en.vtt.txt.html MN 43 The Greater Series of Questions and Answers - Mahāvedalla Sutta Day 8 23-Apr-14-z8JUk95JpCY.en.vtt.txt.html MN 46 The Greater Discourse on Ways of Undertaking Things-PW_2KMn7ieo.en.vtt.txt.html MN 59 DSMC 22-Jul13 The Many Kinds of Feeling - Bahuvedaniya Sutta-0wkxYjyZkxg.en.vtt.txt.html MN 9 Samma Ditthi Sutta with Delson Armstrong at DSMC-tS42kxZiYC0.en.vtt.txt.html Monks Rules with Bhante Vimalaramsi -Why Monks don't say Thankyou-s03XpZlOGYM.en.vtt.txt.html Neuroscience & the Meditation Path sponsored by FitMind App-5_BOMn8w6xo.en.vtt.txt.html New Look at the Satipatthana Sutta MN 10 with Bhante Vimalaramsi-Ir_yYTazk6M.en.vtt.txt.html No Music Guided Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation - 30 Minutes-XxJFum2RYIs.en.vtt.txt.html No Music Track - Beginner Guided Loving Kindness_Metta Meditation with full Instructions-bnZYN6x3spw.en.vtt.txt.html [OLD VERSION] Joshua Tree 4 Retreat 2009 Day 8 MN135 Karma-uMfIJB7DHlQ.en.vtt.txt.html On Generosity with Bhante Vimalaramsi-HJii2_jG6A8.en.vtt.txt.html Orientation Easter Retreat 1 16-Apr-14-mvOZifLhLTw.en.vtt.txt.html Panic Attacks -What to do!-fXfsOGhvaTE.en.vtt.txt.html Portland -General Talk at College of Naturopathy -What is Depression Is there a Solution-nt4bodGQTtg.en.vtt.txt.html Presentation at the Huna Conference in 2006 'on Joy'-PX3Gqbr3kPk.en.vtt.txt.html Public Talk at Rancho Santa Margarita with Bhante Vimalaramsi-ZRIEH7fW8Gk.en.vtt.txt.html Public Talk CA LS-Following Meditation Instructions from the Suttas-9yP2DPiqcc8.en.vtt.txt.html Public Talk 'What is Meditation' East West Bookstore, CA-Gqm_76gGAmc.en.vtt.txt.html 'Rebirth Vs Reincarnation' at Southeast Missouri State U (SEMO)-kkJOEPJB2HE.en.vtt.txt.html 'Relief' with Bhante Vimalaramsi -The Infinite Realms-KEco2ojydNM.en.vtt.txt.html Samma Ditthi Sutta MN 9 with Delson Armstrong - The Personality Oct 20, 2021--DkK4DOzdrs.en.vtt.txt.html Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta -Chinese Subtitles- (MN 10) Foundations of Mindfulness-ekMQltG0zJ0.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat Day 2 MN59 25-MAR-07-xPJyHH2nyI8.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat -MN 10 Mindfulness of Breathing Instructions Re-Explained -Satipatthana Sutta-rApLUA0Ur7I.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 121 - Discourse on Voidness with Bhante Vimalaramsi-09o3wxG8-b4.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 128 Imperfections-nl25xR-dqEs.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 19 Two Kinds of Thought-e8s-WSXQjNk.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 20 The Removal of Distracting Thoughts 24-Mar-07-HjTq_of2qsA.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 30 'The Shorter Discourse on the Heartwood'-He4Ge9-SF1U.en.vtt.txt.html Seattle Retreat MN 53 'The Disciple in Higher Training' Sekha Sutta-EC3RscWtjMI.en.vtt.txt.html Short Forgiveness Instructions 2.0 with Bhante Vimalaramsi -2021 Update-Esp4ssXDtnU.en.vtt.txt.html Short History of the Visuddhi Magga at DSMC-OHYaETANlyQ.en.vtt.txt.html Six Directions w_ Music Guided Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation - 30 Minutes -Soundtrack--5a028RS5Ck.en.vtt.txt.html Suttas Vs. Vissudhi Magga Part 2-OqA1yx0KQvA.en.vtt.txt.html Taking the 5 Precepts with Bhante Vimalaramsi-r9dq-7zNFP8.en.vtt.txt.html Talk on Depression (With Chinese Subtitles) Bhante Vimalaramsi-5l7FgwX6DdI.en.vtt.txt.html Talk on Forgiveness (with Chinese Subtitles)-1-ZSVwI9ezI.en.vtt.txt.html Talk to Children 'Generosity and Metta' 28-Mar-10-lfFZIvAwwJM.en.vtt.txt.html The Big Bang and the Buddha's View of the Universe-uGuq2QfbZAQ.en.vtt.txt.html The Buddha made up the word Samadhi- Buddhist Meditation-TMoiFfZDi4Y.en.vtt.txt.html The Buddha on 'Birth from a Womb' - Bhante Vimalaramsi-QsEJIBKr-Og.en.vtt.txt.html The Experience of Nibbana - How it Happens (audio)-muIs991gikE.en.vtt.txt.html The Foundations of Mindfulness with Bhante Vimalaramsi-QTBqbLTPmZY.en.vtt.txt.html The Importance of the Precepts - Bhante Vimalaramsi-e7zjMAB9Oxs.en.vtt.txt.html The Importance of the Relax Step-peZdV_JNOoE.en.vtt.txt.html The Last Moment (before death)-kuvdYXAPr04.en.vtt.txt.html The Power of the 5 Precepts - and the Benefits (Spanish Subtitles Available)-5FlW5FWjwR4.en.vtt.txt.html The Root Canal Story - Handling Pain-MfnFih6dIOg.en.vtt.txt.html The Visuddhi Magga and Abhidhamma may not have been taught by the Buddha! (Sama dengan Bahasa)-l4ixuxD2nU0.en.vtt.txt.html Una guía para la práctica de la Meditación Introspectiva de la Sabiduría Tranquila (Spanish)-1xeDpxoAlQU.en.vtt.txt.html Updated 2018 - Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 15 to 20 - Audio Part 3-F-hGjNJ-0eI.en.vtt.txt.html Updated 2018 Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 1 to 5 - Audio Part 1 of-FcDd-n89uKY.en.vtt.txt.html Updated 2018 - Book - The Path to Nibbana by David Johnson -In audio -Chapters 5 to 14 - Audio Part 2-AxuK-56YOzM.en.vtt.txt.html USA World Buddhist Summit Short Film-nHxqAV-2KKQ.en.vtt.txt.html UUC San Diego Public Talk on Meditation with Bhante Vimalaramsi-zxsWXM36ucE.en.vtt.txt.html Vimalaramsi尊者:Metta(慈心禅)与6步练习法介绍 -Instructions for Metta_Lovingkindness w_ Chinese Subtitles-VE7gznExO20.en.vtt.txt.html What Did the Buddha Say About Eating Meat Jivaka Sutta MN 55-TSwtv7VqMh0.en.vtt.txt.html What is a Jhana Commentaries vs Suttas - Meaning-USJPI7MP3Tw.en.vtt.txt.html What is Buddhism Pt 1 of 2-6ie5F84S_sw.en.vtt.txt.html What is Buddhism with Bhante Vimalaramsi Pt 2 of 2-N-eJrP3c5Og.en.vtt.txt.html What is Depression and how it arises-Kn_KILZYEkc.en.vtt.txt.html What is Depression-EKTSeeS21Io.en.vtt.txt.html What is Depression, Mindfulness and Wisdom-OME89CJFcyI.en.vtt.txt.html What is the difference between mindfulness and concentration from the Buddhist point of view-cziWfBX1KWU.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 106 Bhante Vimalaramsi 3-Feb-11-1h4DesLkv5g.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 10 Bhante Vimalaramsi 27-Jan-11-2zIOTYNdX4g.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 111 Bhante Vimalaramsi 11-Feb-11-Tt9yyHQEfhU.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 112 Bhante Vimalaramsi 29-Jan-11 -What is an Arahant-QXJIzonxZc4.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 113 Bhante Vimalaramsi 21-Jan-11-495itF-Xkl8.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 121 Bhante Vimalaramsi 30-Jan-11-n6FYSULTvco.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 128 Bhante Vimalaramsi 31-Jan-11-mTtyy5A6wJk.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 136 MahaKammavibhanga Sutta - The Greater Exposition on Action-ZYs0eUk039Y.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 140 Bhante Vimalaramsi 22-Jan-11-4EIYSAWVSlM.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 152 Bhante Vimalaramsi 17-Jan-11-gUOIaSJcTHw.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 19 Bhante Vimalaramsi 10-Feb-11-qMeouzszlus.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 2 Bhante Vimalaramsi 20-Jan-11-dr50Y1kCEjc.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 38 Bhante Vimalaramsi 23-Jan-11-j2KaTzXpQ50.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 43 Bhante Vimalaramsi 24-Jan-11-Ezt9mABXi2A.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 44 Bhante Vimalaramsi 28-Jan-11-rgxMF0ebpYc.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 53 Bhante Vimalaramsi 19-Jan-11-J2yhy2oV2Ps.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 95 Bhante Vimalaramsi 12-Feb-11-nfV1XLCJfN4.en.vtt.txt.html Winter Talks MN 9 Bhante Vimalaramsi 25-Jan-11-IrK9gYNQJ6I.en.vtt.txt.html World Buddhist Conference Speech in Kobe Japan 2008-A2D4bc9U1NA.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk Aggivacchagotta SuttaTo Vacchagotta on Fire (Thicket of Views)-7ViXUdMxZ1c.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN105 To Sunakkhata - Overestimating Progress-SKcYXsXV5Mg.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk Mn106 Anenjasappaya Sutta with Bhante Vimalaramsi-GQQwAhTwQ0k.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN106 To The Way to the Imperturbable-93ZM5UP_6Q4.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 106 with Delson Armstrong -The Imperturbable-gnV6A6L93v4.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 109 The Greater Discourse on the Full-Moon Night -Mahapunnama Sutta-DrnY969yGkY.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 112 Chabbisodhana Sutta 'The 6-Fold Purity' with Bhante Vimalaramsi-l8njClpw1pU.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk Mn115 Bahudhatuka Sutta with Bhante Vimalaramsi-AaOsX1G07oo.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 142 with Delson Armstrong -The Exposition of Offerings-0yAgEzarJ4Q.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 18 HoneyBall Mahdupinka Sutta with Bhante Vimalaramsi Aug 30-ckPTR0KJJOE.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN18 Honeyball Sutta-WbICo4YkPXE.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN22 Simile of The Snake (Alagaddupama Sutta)-ZAF7RWhv2Ac.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 22 Simile of the Snake -with Delson Armstrong-5sXFYQrHHyE.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 28 The Greater Discourse on the Simile of the Elephant's Footprint-da6ZO4luff8.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 30 The Shorter Discourse on the Simile of the Heartwood-Ko5fKKW8JFk.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk Mn33 Mahagopalaka Bhante Vimalaramsi-fB1OdsX0o1s.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 35 Culasaccaka Sutta - Shorter Discourse to Saccaka-SnmetqCgU9I.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk ​MN 46 Mahadhammasamadana Sutta - The Greater Discourse on Ways of Undertaking Things-FBnc43hWCGE.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 48 Kosambiya Sutta-POqf3IB-8jg.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN48 Kosambiya Sutta with Bhante Vimalaramsi-deq5r5I5Ong.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 4 Bhayabherava Sutta Fear and Dread with Bhante Vimalaramsi-3CZLFzkPaLA.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 53 Sekha Sutta -Disciple in Higher Training- with Bhante Vimalaramsi-ORwTsErNXwM.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 59 Bahuvedaniya Sutta Many Kinds of Feelings with Bhante Vimalaramsi -Jan 2021-VPIiVSCvVP8.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 59 Bahuvedaniya Sutta Many Kinds of Feelings with Bhante Vimalaramsi-To6bKMbXjFw.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk MN 91- Brahmayhu -32 Parts of a Great Man- with Bhante Vimalaramsi-mOaSye9L1os.en.vtt.txt.html Zoom Talk Mn 95 Canki Sutta with Bhante Vimalaramsi-90pj99eY7jE.en.vtt.txt.html 中文 - TWIM 禅修者常见问题 - 宁静智慧内明禅修 Chinese - FAQ for TWIM Meditators-vCceNFc7QKo.en.vtt.txt.html 根据Bhante Vimalaramsi的指示进行慈心(Metta)禅修的基本指南-vR56BmeLHMw.en.vtt.txt.html